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SportsCloud develops digital solutions with an unprecedented passion. Our services consist of data management & profiling, marketing technology, personalized marketing, content & experience and marketing automation. read more information about our services below.

Unlock the potential of fandata

For sport organisations, the connection with fans or members is crucial. For sponsors, deep insights into the brand and products preferences of these fans or members is equally important. Those who actively attend events and competitions are relatively easy to connect with but a much larger group of (potential) fans, members or customers who follow (your) sport via many different channels and platforms remain unknown to most organisations.

The detailed mapping of this unique fan base of a club, competition, a sponsoring organisation or athlete has tremendous marketing value. In our uniquely designed database (your fanbase), we use state-of-the-art technology that allows profiles of fans to be automatically accumulated and updated (at every digital interaction moment), based on the fan’s personal interests and preferences.

We collect data at digital (social, purchase etc.) touchpoints and at live touchpoints such as in stadia and at sporting events. We connect existing data sources and create new, real-time data streams. With these, your new database is continuously enriched with new information, we develop activations that lead to new interactions and loyalty, engagement and commerce transactions are strategically promoted. SportsCloud helps sport develop and implement a data-driven strategy that cultivates innovation and takes your business model into the digital age.

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Optimize the technology stack

Successful sport organisations use technology that delivers on the organisational strategy in an integrated and efficient manner. Many sport organisations already have a variety of technical solutions for strategic, tactic and operational purposes. However, to build an ecosystem in which different technologies integrate and talk to each other and to the people who need to use the technology is a challenge of a different order. For example, how to make sense of the many interactions that happen in the space of fan customer care, ticket sales, online merchandise sales, the traditional CRM system, ticket sales agencies, social media apps etc?

This requires for the different software applications to feed information into a singular and fully integrated data management system. SportsCloud’s data scientists and analysts support such integration. We actively engage our clients in developing their technology stack (the combination of technologies that need to work in concert), and train them to work within this new technological environment and if desired, offer them a place in our specific training programs.


Run the campaign

This is where the magic of modern marketing and sales technology begins. Proprietary algorithms allow us to personalise marketing campaigns based on the ever increasing data we receive about fans. This creates unique interactions with sports fans. For instance, fans receive the content they actually want first, they feel that they are personally spoken to by their favourite player or they receive a special offer as a loyal fan.

This can be done using various channels, from social media to E-mail marketing, from a WhatsApp campaign to in-stadium visit surprises. Benchmarks in the international marketing industry show that data-driven campaigns can increase conversion rates by 10 - 50%. The results that SportsCloud has delivered for its clients are reflective of these figures.

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Create content to engage fans

A logical extension of our services to developing a platform and integrating this with the required technologies is the creation of unique content. The digital world offers countless ways to start interactions with fans. We engage fans through games, challenges, polls, quizzes, videos, contests, chatbots and various other novel ways. The main objective of continuous content creation is to make fans return to the platform more often. A strong and frequent connection with fans accelerates the accumulation of data in the fanbase.

Beyond this we can also set specific data objectives that deliver important information for your organisation to build further strategies on. For example we may develop an activity that requires the fan to identify their favourite player. This added profile information can then be used in a campaign of a lead sponsor, who in turn can use the players to target segments of fans that follow them as favourites. Incentives and rewards are inextricably linked with fan engagement. That is why we specialise in creating digital loyalty programmes for our clients, in which fans are rewarded for their level of engagement.


Increase your revenue

Sport organisations not only want to get their timing of interacting with fans right, they also want to maximise moments of possible transaction. Automation of the key marketing ‘moments of truth’ creates the opportunity to generate unique contact moments with fans on a large scale. This is impossible to achieve with manual marketing processes. For example, imagine a sport organisation with 3 million fans in its database. It would be impossible to manually send every single fan a personalized E-mail as sent by their favourite player.

However, this is quite straightforward using marketing automations. These automations can also be used for purchasing decisions, selection of preferred digital content, or product recommendations. Marketing automations show us how data, content and technology work together seamlessly to create a higher reach, a bigger passionate and financial impact.